Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Bullish start to the New Year

A Lusty Bull , a not so lusty cow, WOW! My foot!! & me on all fours.( The above picture is quite misleading)

Thats what happened as missus and I came out of a More outlet. As I stood by the bike putting on my helmet there was a mild commotion behind - the sound of empty wooden boxes falling - I turned around to see a bull mounted on a cow - the typical mating pose and the cow heading for us - 3 feet away. My wife as usual froze and I had to push her and myself out of the way. In the process landed on the road with the helmet taking its own route to the other side. Managed to escape with only a trampled foot-Thanks to the hooves of the cow.

As I picked up myself and the helmet missus was very concerned about my kerchief which was right under the cows nose and tried picking it up.

The episode got over as quickly as it started and I only had one bloody toe to show for it. One passerby indicated to me that it was my red T shirt that attracted the cow to me and I very patiently tried to explain why that was not the case.

Eventful start nevertheless - what do you think?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wordle: Words to live by 2010