Thursday, August 21, 2008

Frontpage-The Hindu

The Hindu seems to have lost it . Today the frontpage photograph was that of a customer who bought the Apple 3G phone in India. A space that is taken up by Olympic Gold medallists / Premiers of Countries and Chiefs of Organisations is shared by a customer whose only achievement seems to have been the ability to wait till 12 midnight to buy a 31K phone. Some Achievement!! Kudos to The Hindu - for being at the Fore front of redifining Newspaper content.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sushil Kumar Repechage

Sushil Kumar managed to give India the second Medal in this Olympics - Thanks to Repechage.
Repechage is a French word meaning to rescue or to save. Check out this link
Thanks to it Sushil Kumar stayed alive in the games - inspite of loosing to Ukranian - Stadnik in the first round - a far superior opponent.
He later went on to defeat the American - Doug Schwab and clinched the Bronze.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shrink & Thrive

Came across this heading while driving around in Bangalore - with its many hoardings by the Police Don't Drink & Drive. My mind as usual did some word play to come up with this.

The phrase felt meaningless as the thoughts first went to "Shrink" as in a psychiatrist.Become a Shrink and thrive in Business and Life. More and more people are reaching out to psycho therapy as the demands of Career and Business take their toll on lifes and relationship.

But this was aTopic on which personally I didnt feel much connect and then it sounded too flippant about the whole field of psychotherapy.

Then the thoughts turned to Shrink as in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". Suddnely it made sense.

In the world of Web 2.0 what are the advantages of having a large setup. When a specialist in any field can reach out to his audience/market/clientele does it make sense to expand-as in adding more people more offices - to offer better service. Or look at it this way - does a large Business necessarily offer better value for money while purchasing services or goods to a smaller more focussed and specialized setup. It could be a one man or a 10 man operation with clear goals and fantastic service and a strong orientation to the customer. In such a scenario being larger does it help - the customer? the company?

Every small setup wants to grow.Add more clients , more branches , more people.There is something unambitious about being small.Why would anyone want to be small?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

India Wins Gold

Abhinav Bhindra does it for india. India wins Gold after 25-30 years?

This is just the begining....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Laptop Bust

Yesterday as I turned on the Laptop the screen went white - just like it does every third time I turn on. But this time when I restarted - it just kept rebooting - the sequence being - Acer - Windows with three rolling dots - click -click and then again - Acer..... . This went on for sometime, finally I decided to take it to the service center.

The diagnosis - screen change. I am still in warranty so that doesn'nt bite much.But for the next three days I am going to be without a dedicated system.

Well the upshot is that the Monday morning half was lost - in negotiating the Bangalore traffic-
and locating the center & most of after noon was spent on a nap - to recharge the batteries(mine). The downside of having an office within a km from home - even an hour of driving in the city drains me out.

Well that is ironic - because just a day after the website being up - this had to happen.

The current standby system that I am using is - hold your breath - an HP Vectra. It came with its own free edition of Win 98. While opening pages it gives out a krrrrrrrr..... sound.The tempo varying with the download speed. Makes me nostalgic. Remmeber the days of the dial-up connection-with an external modem. Wow.

Woke-up from the reverie with a call from my client that our candidate has turned up for the interview - in Kurta, jeans and sandals - in that order. I thought it was a prank. Just could,nt believe it. Why Kurta?

Well that was it - no interview.