Friday, December 19, 2008

Of Recession, & Layoffs

Even, just 3 months ago attrition was the key topic of all informal/formal gatherings , general conversations etc. Now, that has been replaced by words like recession - and layoffs. Almost everyone just has to touch on these words because if he does'nt, then he is likely to perceived as out of synch.

Perceptions aside the jury is out whether India stands to gain in the Global Slowdown and there are voices which say that any economic slowdown is an opportunity for Growth - oxymoron? Some of the Greatest Companies like Microsoft( late 70s) & Google(late 90's)  started during periods of recession

The idea for this post came to me while reading a WSJ article on showing a brave face if you do get laid off. Simple & nice article. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sir Richard Branson

For Long I have wanted to write a post on Richard Branson. Honestly I feel he doesn'nt need a title.
Came across an intersting quote and a great snap with him on center stage as usual - & I thought why not Now? 

He made a very straight forward analysis of the UK economy , which holds quite well for India Also. What is really endearing about him that he doesnt mince words. You can read the full article here.

Coming to the snap above that is Branson Polishing the shoes of Guy Kawasaki - a kind of expert on Social Media. I dont have the details of why he did so. But, hats off to his attitude. A multi Billionaire Businessman who doesnt mind fooling around in Public. He is Different. 

A couple of other links 

1) A Promo of Virgin Galactic

2) Branson talks about Small Businesses Entrepreneur 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mumbai related

Pakistan is out with its usual bag of trciks. These guys have started releasing the terror suspects .

That was expected as they did the same last time too after the parliament attack. Now a refusal to allow the terror suspects - interrogation by British agencies  . 

Another twist to Kasabs' story. Apparently he was captured by India over a year ago From Nepal. They Nepali Government has given out a flat denial

There seems to be no end to the levels of deception the Pak Government can touch.They are desperate and trying out everything to save their skin.

Meanwhile UK seems to have woken upto the fact that what India has been saying for years has truth . Now they realise that 75% of the terror in UK germinates in Pakistan.

But lest we forget India and Pakistan are Nuclear and the heads that rule Pakistan are not all that sane. The clouds of war that hang , though still at some distance,  cannot be wished away, as Nicholas Kristoff writes - & if such a thing happens we might have an August 1914

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Fragile Global Economy

Reading an article by Krugman titled the Great Illusion. This article was written during the Georgia crisis when Russian Tanks rolled into Georgia. The article talks about How Globalisation can get stalled by nationalistic forces.

He mentions - " our grandfathers lived in a world of largely self-sufficient, inward-looking national economies — but our great-great grandfathers lived, as we do, in a world of large-scale international trade and investment, a world destroyed by nationalism".

This article especially assumes significance in the current time due to tensions between India & Pakistan.The path of Globalisation and Growth followed by India will receive a setback once a war starts off. The fundamentalistic elements stand to gain in mutliple ways from such a war. For India we stand to loose much more even if we win. Unless we manage to extirpate the entire Jihadi & Let machinery on the process.

Even as the seige a happened at Mumbai there was polling happening in Kashmir despite a call for Boycott. That is a clear indicator of an undercurrent of peace. All the steps towards reactivation of trade , business and normalisation of life in this region would have to be suspended once there is war- which will lead to greater unemployment. And unemployed youth an easily fall prey to jihadi elements. Such a situation is avoidable.

Perhaps the Government needs to be appreciated for its restrained approach to tackle the cross border terrorism.

The complete article is available here: The Great Illusion

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Black Hole

Weekend suspense , thriller

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

U R Awesome

Take some time off to watch this movie.Sure to bring a smile.

Monday, December 8, 2008

R U Web 2 ready ?

As an experienced candidate in search of the right assignment - you cannot overlook the Social Networking sites that are mushrooming everywhere. Though it may sound silly to be a part of group responding to invites from unkowns - one never knows which link might work. 
The truth is that one need not be present in every social Networking site. But , some prescence is a must just to spread the word around. 

If you find your job to be prefect and really dont feel the need for looking out then you can give this whole Networking thing a pass. But, if you are seriously looking at furthering your career or for whatever reason then You cannot miss out on this. 

I have collected some links here that speak about the impact that social networking is having on recruitment. 

Guest Blogger blogs about Web 2.izing your job search.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Networking Recruiter

Last week I tried getting in touch with candidate resumes lying passive in our database( some were over 3-4 years ) . The idea was to get in touch with them and invite them to Linkedin that way I felt there is a better chance of my being able to locate a suitable candidate.

Some of the responses were really positive , some filled with angst while some candidates just sent in their resumes.Well, If I had wanted resumes I would have asked for them.

Personally I feel the days of scanning the resume and shortlisting are past - It is the onset of real time Networking thanks to Web2.0 and social Networking sites like Linkedin or Facebook, Hi5 etc. I find the Linkedin Network updates facility really useful. That way with a few trusting relationships you can reach out to almost any candidate profile.

But with so many invites floating around the people are quite justified in viewing my invite with suspicion.

Any suggestions on how I could go about this in a better way?

Some Blogs on SocNet Recruitment

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Incoherent Thoughts

After an intense week where the only topic was the siege of Mumbai – we are moving back to business as usual. Mr Zardari's volte face is typical of Pakistani Presidents . On the dec 2nd Larry King show says "the killers were not from Pakistan". This Just 3 days after agreeing to help bring the criminals to book.

He might sing a different tune post the Rice visit.

Perhaps it is time to move on. It is Christmas a time to give . Not necassarily forgive.But, perhaps we have to give the leaders time to deliver. Not many would agree with me on this.But a fitting response to what has happened, will take time. We can make the government accountable to some time frame. Just plain ranting wont help.

Many thoughts come to mind regarding the Mumbai seige. The extent of Lashkar's activities
and its reach cannot be underestimated. Wonder, if the Indian government can neutralise their leaders effectively.How long will it take. The way these ( lashkar taiba & al qaeda) guys are achieving success aftersuccess in carrying out their attacks - time isnt far when they will try out a chemical or Nuclear assault. They are like the hydra headed monster and it would require more than one Hercules to finish them off. 

Lets hope our forces are given enough leeway to carry out their operations towards this result. 

 Tejinder singh has a great post on the the general scene post Mumbai .