Friday, July 30, 2010

Thou shall not covet thy enemy's wife

Life ends, if you do so.

Well, atleast that is one moral you could take away - after watching Mani Ratnams latest offering - Raavan(Tamil).

Good to see Ratnam in action after a long wait. Wonderfully engrossing movie. Locales(wow), the camera, and acting. Vikram's facial expressions literally carried the movie.And Aishwariya was at her beautiful best and well within her acting capabilities. That alone speaks volumes for Mani Ratnam.

Wonder, what the location was - could be Coorg or Kodai. But, such original locations never before seen on screen - I haven't. Almost the entire movie has been taken in rain.

If you want a proper movie review you could read this, and don't miss the comments.

I would not like to comment on the hindi version, because I have not seen it, and well , I don't intend to.

I guess that can be taken as a comment.

Just for the records - I am a great fan of Abhishek.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Another month inches to a close. Sometime its hard to believe that 2010 has already run past the half way mark.
Talking of Runs - my morning runs have been steady the past 2 months. I must be doing over a 120 kms per month. Every day I am running  5kms now - barring the days it rains or when I travel.

have wanted to raise it to 6-7 kms atleast once during the week - but the route is so set - that once I start its habitual for me to take the same turns.

Yesterday an interesting thing happened. I met an acquaintance and made a positive comment on his dress. He took it as a comment on his fitness and remarked that his daily morning walks of 5 kms are the reason for it.

I didnt want to tell him about my schedule - wonder what he would thought. Perhaps that I was pulling his leg.

I guess its about time I ran atleast one Full Marathon. Been running half's for quite sometime now. Raise the bar..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip tp Velankanni

This Evening I am off on a Trip to Velankanni. this trip has been overdew by a few months. Actually I dont remember when it was the last time I went.

Generally I manage a trip every once in six months - this has been over a year I guess. Its going to be very short just planning on an 8 hour stay before I start back.

If the weather happens to be very good I will stay one more day probably.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peas and Carrots

Last week we attended a Rock show by Peas and Carrots a local rock Band from Bangalore. They were playing at reliance Time out at their annual Rock Fest. .

Tried placing a comment for the above article but coudl'nt do so. Captcha kept returning invalid. So am pasting my comment here

I was their at the show with the Kids. They enjoyed it to some extent but I enjoyed it more. Especially the older numbers from Beatles & Simon & Garfunkel.

Siddarth has a great voice and he came up with some excellent guitaring. One of the renditions by sheela was supperb. dont remember the song. Claude was great on the Keyboard - providing some cool accponiment.

Want to Thank Reliance Timeout for coming up with this format. Great to get to listen to some wondeful home grown talent.

Peas and carrots - Wish you all the best

Hope to catch you guys at your next show.

Nalini Nadkarni Trees Prisons


Was going through the blog Dadomatic started by chrisBrogan .

wondering if we could start something like that. I personally know people who would love to what if they were in different parts of the world.

We could share situations we face as Dads. About the episodes we have with our kids. The challenges we face with our respective "better halfs".

Would be fun no doubt.

Thursday, July 1, 2010