Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jaane Tu

A wonderful mix of QSQT and Rang De Basanti - deplete the violence of both by a degree of 10, + add a bit of other world with a dead Rajput - smiling, jumping , dancing , chatting with his wife from out of his Life Sized Portrait Sitting in the Bed Room of an urban middle class Mumbaikar + throw in a bit of the Bizarre with Horse riders in Discotheques - the result is a - wonderfully simple story of good friends not realising they are in love - being told in the manner of a thriller - where one does'nt want to get up and leave till the credits start rolling.

Its a safe bet that this movie will walk away with most of the awards.

Also watched Kismet Connection over the weekend. Good movie. Drags a bit - lots of funda.
Vidya Balan - seems to be trying a bit too hard.

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