Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dus Ka Dum

Dus ka dum first part has come to a close. Easily an astounding success. Are their any learnings that we can take from this show which has generated viewer interest on levels equal to KBC.

This show came after a string of failures in the Game show front - Right from the Anupam Kher/Monisha combine - i cant recall the name to Govinda's act  another no namer , to our more recent SRK's Kya Aap Panchveen Paas Hain - with its bunch of - precocious 8-10 year olds. 
Then came Salman Khan an eccentric character not having a great track record of good behavior with the public/in public places.And, he manages to just sweep everyone off the floor. The competition - there is no game show anywhere near this kind of popularity- other TV channels might working their brains of trying to gain lost ground. And, well the female population - they can;t seem to get enough of Sallu Bhai. 

The high Prize Money 10 crores seems to be incidental - this coup of sorts. The draw is due to Salman and his spontaneouneity with the audience. Guess he is able to connect a lot more a lot better with a very wide section of society and even the fringe of the society. The Tranvestite Rashmi in the Last show was kind off creepy but our man handled it in style.

This whole post has turned out to be an adoration of Salman rather than any article on Learnings.

Well: 1) Just because all earlier acts have pulled a boner need not mean you should'nt go ahead with yours. Learn from mistakes and move on. 

2) If anything involves direct interaction with unknown faces-prepare, but, leave room for spontaneity.Whether it be presentations , interviews anything.People to people interactions click if the players come up with unprepared spur of the moment remarks.

Typically where this spontaneity takes a hit is when in our persuit of perfection and avaoiding mistakes we try to micro manage- the other game show may have floundered there.

Some Salman Speak on the show :
 ..describing the shooting of a film, where he had to run real hard....

" he kept running and running and suddenly he pulled his hamstring, but he still kept running." The contetant asks , "Who were you running after? Vivek Oberoi?"  Then Salman quips "Oh, let it go.  Let him live his life."