Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Made in Italy

It doesn't cease to Surprise me How much of Christianity as we know it today is "Made in Italy".

You would have thought the Festivals that we Celebrate would have some Biblical Reference. They do, But , not entirely. Take for instance the period of Lent( It Falls in March) that comes just before Easter Celebrations. Supposed to signify a period of 40 days when Jesus went through some extreme temptations and fastings.

Apparently, the Month of March(Martius) was devoted to and named after the Roman God of Mars. It used to be so filled with Festivities that a special day in the Month was allocated for Rest from these Festivities. There were both Happy Occasions and also fasts and blood letting. There was even a parade of pines and palms. Sounds Familiar?

Apparently, its a case of an Existing Period of Roman Celebrations being given a Coat of Biblical Paint.

Not a very Flattering way to put it.Agreed.

( Taken from Ancient History Blog )

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