Friday, July 31, 2009

Do it once

I have a friend from college who in his entire 4 year stay never touched a cigarette.
While all other lesser mortals like, yours truly , fell into from one vice to the other - wallowed in a life of debauchery , so to say - our man stood out like an epitome of discipline and straight forward living.

Today, I got in touch with him after a long gap - and I was in for a surprise . We were on call and I casually enquired what he was doing - and he mentioned he was out for a smoke. Apparently our good friend has turned out to be a regular smoker.

That set of a train of thought. As to how this gent while all others were experimenting with life, while in their late teens and early twenties, - was an example to us on restrained living , after 20 years has got the habit. Call it time lag or phase difference or whatever - .

For close to a year now I have been coaxing him to come on Facebook and his standard response is - that he is prejudiced against the social networking sites.

But I am sure ( and he agrees ) that after we have finished our experimenting with all social sites and moved on .. our Friend might one fine day - discover Facebook.

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