Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shrink & Thrive

Came across this heading while driving around in Bangalore - with its many hoardings by the Police Don't Drink & Drive. My mind as usual did some word play to come up with this.

The phrase felt meaningless as the thoughts first went to "Shrink" as in a psychiatrist.Become a Shrink and thrive in Business and Life. More and more people are reaching out to psycho therapy as the demands of Career and Business take their toll on lifes and relationship.

But this was aTopic on which personally I didnt feel much connect and then it sounded too flippant about the whole field of psychotherapy.

Then the thoughts turned to Shrink as in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". Suddnely it made sense.

In the world of Web 2.0 what are the advantages of having a large setup. When a specialist in any field can reach out to his audience/market/clientele does it make sense to expand-as in adding more people more offices - to offer better service. Or look at it this way - does a large Business necessarily offer better value for money while purchasing services or goods to a smaller more focussed and specialized setup. It could be a one man or a 10 man operation with clear goals and fantastic service and a strong orientation to the customer. In such a scenario being larger does it help - the customer? the company?

Every small setup wants to grow.Add more clients , more branches , more people.There is something unambitious about being small.Why would anyone want to be small?

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