Monday, August 4, 2008

Laptop Bust

Yesterday as I turned on the Laptop the screen went white - just like it does every third time I turn on. But this time when I restarted - it just kept rebooting - the sequence being - Acer - Windows with three rolling dots - click -click and then again - Acer..... . This went on for sometime, finally I decided to take it to the service center.

The diagnosis - screen change. I am still in warranty so that doesn'nt bite much.But for the next three days I am going to be without a dedicated system.

Well the upshot is that the Monday morning half was lost - in negotiating the Bangalore traffic-
and locating the center & most of after noon was spent on a nap - to recharge the batteries(mine). The downside of having an office within a km from home - even an hour of driving in the city drains me out.

Well that is ironic - because just a day after the website being up - this had to happen.

The current standby system that I am using is - hold your breath - an HP Vectra. It came with its own free edition of Win 98. While opening pages it gives out a krrrrrrrr..... sound.The tempo varying with the download speed. Makes me nostalgic. Remmeber the days of the dial-up connection-with an external modem. Wow.

Woke-up from the reverie with a call from my client that our candidate has turned up for the interview - in Kurta, jeans and sandals - in that order. I thought it was a prank. Just could,nt believe it. Why Kurta?

Well that was it - no interview.

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