Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Been reading a lot of Stuff relating to the economy & to the markets in general. The underlying faith still holds but is getting peppered with a lot of doubt. Today was reading this article from Steve Levit on Freakonomics - which I actually thought was positive - but as it turns out it gives out another bleak sound out for bad things to come in 3-4 months down the line.

India is expected to do 7+ growth rate which is pretty decent - but I need some more data on the sectors that will grow more and where can we expect a freeze.All said and done one can'y associate ones clients recruiting needs to the countrywide sectoral performance.But, still impacts cannot be discounted.

As I keep telling myself there is going to be a definite slow down - the economy which was going at 60 - may now go at 30 - but go it has to. And we need to be at the right places. Its like being a fruit picker - picking in a dense fog on treacherous hills.We need all the insite possible to keep a firm foothold.

All this macro thinking has to happen on one plane - parallely I am going ahead with targetting the guys who are recruiting - its as simple as that - the eagles dont know whether the economy is growing or sliding they just look out for live food. 

The economic stuff can help me in forecasting 6 months down but for the 3 month stuff I have to just trudge to the market and reach out to candidates.

Get off your ass man.