Friday, October 31, 2008


Another week closes and its the end of the month.
A month of ups and downs.
Yesterday came across data that the worldwide squeeze may last 2-3 years.The economy contracts for such a long period of time.How is that going to impact the recruitment scenario. Best is to go from day to day.The max time frame I can forecast is 3 months.For Those 3 months We are comfortably placed. Thats a good way to start a bad period.Whats the point in Breaking my head beyond that.

Infact I have reduced our targets drastically.As long as we break-even its fine.Why ask for more at this point in time. Guys have been sent out.Perhaps we could do something for them?

Additionally looking at adding clients from other engineering sectors. Automotive might rebound in 9-12 months time but a few other sector companies in our clientlist might provide a good cushion. Wont be easy adding clients during these times.So that is one more hurdle to jump.

There was this scary article I read today. 40000 Trucks - No takers. No wonder they(VOLVO) are closing plants.

Have decided to go ahead with the office in Pune. The decision has been long coming and I am going to stick with it.