Thursday, May 7, 2009

IPL Frenzy

THE IPL is on and is in Full swing. Like last year this year too all other schedules are in disarray. Sleeping at 12:00 AM is now the norm - I am an early sleeper otherwise - in bed by 10:00 ( latest).

We are half way thru and last years winners are again finding their. My team - CSK are back in the top 4 while Royals dont seem to be far behind. These are the teams to watch no doubt. While Delhi and Deccan might be the other favourites.

Why didnt Knight Riders click again? As a friend mentioned - Who is the Clot in KKR - is it SRK or Buchanan?

RCB had an upsurge - with Kumble providing good leadership. But, if your entire Batting lineup fails - one cant do much.Why Bring Wasim Jaffer? ( Just my thoughts)

The Less said about Mumbai Indians the Better. There are too high expectations riding on a few shoulders in MI. Lets see how they fare in the remaining matches.

Someone needs to pull up Warne for his negative tactics. He seems to have a discussion with his bowler after every ball. A fall back to the older Australian - mind games.

Whichever way it goes - You cant help getting sucked in

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