Friday, May 29, 2009

Running out of Ideas

We might be having positions after 2/3 months, we will get in touch then.

This has been the constant refrain of all my prospective clients over the past six months. And still continues to be so. When will we see some real recruitment.

Over the last quarter and half my role of recruiter has transmogrified to that of a Business Developer or mostly a Sales man. Without much success :(.

the political scene has seen a sea change. From the Sabre Rattlings of a Fourth Front to a thumping victory to the incumbent.What more could businesses have asked for.

The markets seem to have settled again on a Bull track. But, whats happening with Recruiting.

The poor souls in recruitment seem to be living on a Prayer. And Good God they'll sure settle for Merci-drops - showers seem to be so far away.

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