Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swine Flu

If people are panicking there seems to be a reason.

A week ago 100 cases and 2 deaths. Now , 27 deaths and 1500+ cases. And , new locations - chattisgarh has opened the account with 2 deaths.

The News is that the private hospitals(Bangalore) that were roped in to lessen the pressure on govt hospitals - were refusing patients with flu like symptoms and referring cases to RGIMS - which already severely stretched.

There are instances where the test results are arriving after 3 days - so if a person is infected - even after admitting he might have to wait 3 days before the relevant medication starts.

In these circumstances the only option is prevention - don't get infected.

And dont let your children to schools because - whatever the authorities say - containing the spread in schools with 40+ children in a classroom - is just not feasible.

Well, it does'nt get bigger than this.

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