Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A case for Children Staying in Apartments

I was dismayed to read a notice today on the apartment wall - from the President of the Committee. Telling parents not to allow children to run, skate play ball or do anything on the corridors.

Now one would assume that if the children are not to play in the corridors - then they would have been provided ample space to play. In the form of a childrens play area.

But that is not the case. The childrens play area has been potted - thanks to the brilliant initiative displayed by the apartment owners living in the immediate vicinity of the (childrens play area) CPA.

Now there are parents who dont want their children to play.And that is fine. There might be n different reasons for that.

But, I am only concerned about the children who want to play and who are being progressively denied avenues to do that.

There seems to be a delibrate attempt to muffle children. Which isn't good.

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