Friday, September 11, 2009

Heading for a Hothouse

During the ecocene era which was 10-50 million years ago - the temperatures at the poles was 10-20 degrees centigrade. the tropics were at an average 40 degrees.
Imagine sitting on the sandy beaches of the arctic. sunbathing under the perenial evening sun. Balmy winds thru the year.

The tropics might be just deserts. Perhaps the Sahara might stretch right upto the china sea. Wait a minute or would it be somewhat like the amazon - rains lashing contnuously due to the heavy evaporation - Floods and typhoons might be the order of the day.

Global warming scenarios that are being peddled around look like jujubee - compared to this scenario.

Earth time is up. Paaaaack uuuuppppp!!!!!!

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