Friday, October 30, 2009

A True Hero

The sensational triple murder last week , which sent shivers down many a spine, got solved in style within 3-4 days. That speaks volumes about the innate ability of our Police Force. Something which can be proud of.

At the same time one cannot praise enough the man who single handedly tilted the scales against the criminals. Here was a constable who was touched by the utterly repulsive nature of the killings and, immediately acted on it.

In his own words he never expected to nab the criminals so soon but the moment he got the lead from his informants he followed up on it. He could have just as easily expressed his inabilty to meet them at such a late hour.
We have to be thankful for these few good men who are willing to sacrifice their comforts for the common good.

This incident captured the attention of most people whom I interact with on a daily basis since we stay very close to the area where it happened.

I am doubly grateful to this Hero of the Day!

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