Saturday, December 19, 2009

Questions- Or How to Stay on Target

Questions- Or How to Stay on Target: "

question mark In How to Make Goals Happen Pt. 1 – Goalbox, we discussed a very simple visual trick for keeping the execution of your goals foremost in your mind. Now, in part two, let’s talk about the value of a few well-used questions to act as compasses to guide you towards your success.

As with part 1, this isn’t especially hard, and yet, if we don’t work at it, we won’t execute on our goals in 2010 without this. You can use this method for business as well as your personal goals.

How to Stay On Target with Questions

  1. Come up with three to five very brief statements that summarize your goals. Try to make them SMART goals. For instance, your goal might be “Get 3000 blog subscribers by June 2010.” That’s specific, measurable, attainable (one hopes), realistic, and timebound.
  2. Write very simple questions that reference these goals. “Will doing this get me 3000 subscribers by June 2010?”
  3. Ask yourself these questions before committing to any request. Be relentless. If you’re asked to help organize a new meetup in your community for other bloggers, will this get you those 3000 new subscribers? Maybe, but that’s up to you to decide.
  4. Take action accordingly.
  5. Repeat.

Learning how to say no will keep you much more focused and will keep you tied into those goals that matter most to your development in 2010. As I said before, you can do this for business goals: “make $140,000 in revenue per month by March, by closing 5 sales a month” is your SMART goal and “Is this helping me get more sales prospects?” might be the question. The more times that answer is no, the more times you’ll realize that you’re not working on what matters to your goals.

Speaking of Questions

It’s simple, but does it make sense? Have you tried something like this? What do you think it’ll do for your goal-setting in 2010?

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Have tried this - well have started the process and given up in one or two weeks. Guess the key is repetition and being relentless.
One tends get carried away by the flow responding to the pulls of the day.

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