Sunday, May 30, 2010

Driving in Rain

an emergency trip to chennai turned out to be quite eventful.

while on the way the tire blew up - first such experience for me and I thought the car would disintegrate. I was going at around 90 kms/hr when this happened. But, could I believe my luck when the car stopped right next to a automobile garage.

I just couldnt beleive it-here I was somewhere near ranipet - and apart from this garage for atleast another km on either side there were no buildings. But, I just got it repaired right away and moved on.

The real challenge wqs while we were returning. It was a night drive with rains from Ambur onwards. the rain was not torrential , but bad enough - the visibility was bad. Infact a few times I felt the car slide sideways maybe a few inches not more - but that was enough to bring down the speed to around 60. There were quite a few cars whizzing by at 100 even in that rain.

I guess they had very good tyres.

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