Friday, May 7, 2010

Running Update

Been two full full weeks running 5kms daily and 10kms on sundays. There was only one day when I didnt run and that was yesterday. Feels real good.

For sometime now I have been thinking of forming a Running Group in this part of Bangalore - Banaswadi/ Kamanahalli. There are a few regulars - not sure how many of you are on RFL. If you are why not lets get in touch and work out something.

The idea came up as I was unable to go for the Sunday runs as it clashes with my other schedules for the day.
So I end doing the 10km circuit alone. Not that I am complaining. But, I guess it would be more fun with company.

Here is the scanned version with the route highlighted and key stations mentioned below.

RFL has also called out to people interested in starting a local chapter in the respective areas. Around 20 are needed to make it.

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