Friday, August 6, 2010

PTM's and Camels

Parent Teachers meeting at my sons' school today.  Nothing major just a one on one meeting with the class teacher.

He seems to be decent at studies so the teacher had nothing untoward to say about him.

Just was wondering about this concept of having computer science for kids. I have'nt gone through what they cover in this subject . Possibly define the parts of a computer, and maybe give a tour of windows.Probably.

How does it help the child ? What does he learn? And spending more than a period every week on something which might not even exist when they pass out. Forget passing out - we might not have computers the way we know them even in the next 5 years.Atleast the pictures of computers seem to filled with CRT monitors and CPU and the odd laptops.

Would you like to have your children study about cars, bikes , the various parts or  how about cycles. Why not music systems - or why not mobile phones? they have more computing power than the computers shown on the books of these kids.

Who comes up with such ridiculous curriculum? Beats me! One can easily see the work of a committee here. Leave a committee to come up with a design for a Horse - they will come up with a Camel. I believe theres a quote to that effect.

Talking of camels - few of them were seen outside the school - taking children on short rides.

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