Friday, July 30, 2010

Thou shall not covet thy enemy's wife

Life ends, if you do so.

Well, atleast that is one moral you could take away - after watching Mani Ratnams latest offering - Raavan(Tamil).

Good to see Ratnam in action after a long wait. Wonderfully engrossing movie. Locales(wow), the camera, and acting. Vikram's facial expressions literally carried the movie.And Aishwariya was at her beautiful best and well within her acting capabilities. That alone speaks volumes for Mani Ratnam.

Wonder, what the location was - could be Coorg or Kodai. But, such original locations never before seen on screen - I haven't. Almost the entire movie has been taken in rain.

If you want a proper movie review you could read this, and don't miss the comments.

I would not like to comment on the hindi version, because I have not seen it, and well , I don't intend to.

I guess that can be taken as a comment.

Just for the records - I am a great fan of Abhishek.

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