Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Losing My Virginity - 2

Been some days since the last post on the Book. As I continue to read at my quota of an hour a day - spent the last few days reading chapters 10-14 which mention the 10 year period from 1974 to 1976 . Felt like I was reading a soft porn Novel. So really didnt have much to post - there is too much of that stuff on the Net already .

Perhaps there is this one funny incident which stands out :

Their boat Duende had filled with water and as they waded around salvaging whatever possible " one of the neighbours shifted a box and a large Vibrator fell out. When it hit the ground, it turned itself on and started to vibrate.Buzzed around and finally fell into the canal, where it zipped around for a while before vanishing from view". wonder how all this can happen only to Richard Branson.


While Thanking his Fuel sopnsors Esso - prior to the Blue Riband race - he thanked BP instead of Esso.Realising the mistake only after finishing the talk -

The Esso execuitves looked at me with horror as if I was a ghost.I fell down to the floor and crawled under the table.

"I am sorry " I croaked, and started to spit and polish their shoes.

What would you call it Clowning around, Humility , contrition.

Whatever, can't think of any other Multi Millionaire capable of such antics.