Monday, January 5, 2009

The passing away of a Thorough Gentleman

Recently a Neighbour passed away due to a heart attack. A thorough Gentleman, his kindness touched many many lives. Our apartment block still hasnt come to terms with this loss. 

Events such as these jolt, one out of the usual thought processes. I had known him for just over 3 years and that , not very closely. And though on certain apartment based issues I found myself opposed to him, I held him in high regard. 

In these 3 years I had never seen him raise his voice at anybody though he held a Key post in our flats. Ever obliging to people who went to him for help especially the poor. Infact after reading the obituaries I realised that he has touched many thousand hearts with his smile and kindness.

A few lines in his memory : 

45 years 
Ever cheerful,
Sensitive, to everyone’s concerns,
Loved kids, got adored in return
wonderful organizer,
enthusiastic participant in every event.
abundant source of relief to the poor
Model human being
Anil Dias
No More.