Sunday, January 25, 2009

Parenting Anger

An altercation with wife was about to make, an otherwise pleasant begining to the day, Frosty. It happened Like this :

Wife: (Referring to the republic day celebration from which we had just returned - the time - 9:15 Am. She was Speaking to the elder one who is 9yr old) .

All the other children were fresh , well dressed and bathed. And here you are not even brushed your teeth.

Me(interjecting): Well those children were woken up by their parents and prepared for the Function.We did not do any such thing.

Wife: Leave me alone.You dont tell me how to deal with children.
(Some 2 days ago I had responded with the same line when wife had interjected to somthing I had told the younger one )

Well obviously I didnt much appreciate the rebuke. And Frost was starting to spread.
I wanted to say something harsh - after all why blame children for our inefficiencies - but managed to keep quite and went on practising a new song on the Guitar.

Luckily I had an opportunity to go out to buy some provisions and as I drove This dialogue was running in my head and spinning out of control. Then a thought struck me why not make a post out of it - it would provide a good avenue to vent out steam and help to put things in perspective.

Infact the moment I decided on that - my mind cleared. The Frost left in a jiffy.
Bought what I went for and got some additional Sheek Kabab.WEll I guess wife appreciated the gesture and a semblance of normalcy returned to the household.