Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Another month inches to a close. Sometime its hard to believe that 2010 has already run past the half way mark.
Talking of Runs - my morning runs have been steady the past 2 months. I must be doing over a 120 kms per month. Every day I am running  5kms now - barring the days it rains or when I travel.

have wanted to raise it to 6-7 kms atleast once during the week - but the route is so set - that once I start its habitual for me to take the same turns.

Yesterday an interesting thing happened. I met an acquaintance and made a positive comment on his dress. He took it as a comment on his fitness and remarked that his daily morning walks of 5 kms are the reason for it.

I didnt want to tell him about my schedule - wonder what he would thought. Perhaps that I was pulling his leg.

I guess its about time I ran atleast one Full Marathon. Been running half's for quite sometime now. Raise the bar..

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