Thursday, December 4, 2008

Incoherent Thoughts

After an intense week where the only topic was the siege of Mumbai – we are moving back to business as usual. Mr Zardari's volte face is typical of Pakistani Presidents . On the dec 2nd Larry King show says "the killers were not from Pakistan". This Just 3 days after agreeing to help bring the criminals to book.

He might sing a different tune post the Rice visit.

Perhaps it is time to move on. It is Christmas a time to give . Not necassarily forgive.But, perhaps we have to give the leaders time to deliver. Not many would agree with me on this.But a fitting response to what has happened, will take time. We can make the government accountable to some time frame. Just plain ranting wont help.

Many thoughts come to mind regarding the Mumbai seige. The extent of Lashkar's activities
and its reach cannot be underestimated. Wonder, if the Indian government can neutralise their leaders effectively.How long will it take. The way these ( lashkar taiba & al qaeda) guys are achieving success aftersuccess in carrying out their attacks - time isnt far when they will try out a chemical or Nuclear assault. They are like the hydra headed monster and it would require more than one Hercules to finish them off. 

Lets hope our forces are given enough leeway to carry out their operations towards this result. 

 Tejinder singh has a great post on the the general scene post Mumbai .