Sunday, December 7, 2008

Networking Recruiter

Last week I tried getting in touch with candidate resumes lying passive in our database( some were over 3-4 years ) . The idea was to get in touch with them and invite them to Linkedin that way I felt there is a better chance of my being able to locate a suitable candidate.

Some of the responses were really positive , some filled with angst while some candidates just sent in their resumes.Well, If I had wanted resumes I would have asked for them.

Personally I feel the days of scanning the resume and shortlisting are past - It is the onset of real time Networking thanks to Web2.0 and social Networking sites like Linkedin or Facebook, Hi5 etc. I find the Linkedin Network updates facility really useful. That way with a few trusting relationships you can reach out to almost any candidate profile.

But with so many invites floating around the people are quite justified in viewing my invite with suspicion.

Any suggestions on how I could go about this in a better way?

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