Monday, December 15, 2008

Mumbai related

Pakistan is out with its usual bag of trciks. These guys have started releasing the terror suspects .

That was expected as they did the same last time too after the parliament attack. Now a refusal to allow the terror suspects - interrogation by British agencies  . 

Another twist to Kasabs' story. Apparently he was captured by India over a year ago From Nepal. They Nepali Government has given out a flat denial

There seems to be no end to the levels of deception the Pak Government can touch.They are desperate and trying out everything to save their skin.

Meanwhile UK seems to have woken upto the fact that what India has been saying for years has truth . Now they realise that 75% of the terror in UK germinates in Pakistan.

But lest we forget India and Pakistan are Nuclear and the heads that rule Pakistan are not all that sane. The clouds of war that hang , though still at some distance,  cannot be wished away, as Nicholas Kristoff writes - & if such a thing happens we might have an August 1914