Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abusive CEO

Received a call today from a candidate who desperately wanted to leave his job because his CEO was abusive. This gent had the habbit of throwing things at his staff.Whatever came into his hands got converted into missiles.

The candidate who has over 15 years experience in reputed firms mentioned his inability to face the CEO as he was just plain scared. Some of the junior staff has already left the company refusing to face this abuse.

Was just wondering is there any means by which this CEO can be controlled. Can he be sent to jail for such behavior. Is there any legal provision to handle such bosses.
Not many employees would be willing to come forward to register a complaint. It will backfire on their career.

I am not the right person to offer advice on this.Right now my job is to help him move into a different firm.while googling the topic came across this interesting article on tackling abusive bosses.A good read.