Sunday, November 23, 2008


Watching movies over the weekend.Totally unplanned but ended up watching 3 movies.
First off on saturday afternoon wife just zoomed in on guru being shown on zee ithink.
Well ended up watching almost the entire movie as usual because the lights went out at 6:00 and still an hours movie was left. Have watched Guru before but yet to see it completely.Abhishek and Aishwarya lit up the screens.Its on an old movie so I dont want to spend my time reviewing it but suffice to say that the film reflected great chemistry between the pair.

Next up was Koi Mil gaya - seeing it for the first time. Some great performance from Hrithik. The movie went right upto 11:00pm and was good.I need a less cliched adjective for describing "good" things.

Last up was "In pursuit of Happiness" a Will Smith real life version of - Chris Gardner - an Educated Black Man who ended up becoming a Millionaire after going through soe really tough times personally and professionally.Absolutely fantastic.I cried a lot during this one.I generally do but this one was just too good.Plan to read the book if there is one.
Googled and found that there is indeed an autobiography which was on the New York Best Sellers List for 20 weeks. Click here for details