Friday, November 7, 2008

More Cuts

A friend of mine in HR recently moved into a new firm in a till recently booming industry. Now he has the unenviable task of cutting down 20 people. That is his first job target.Which,If he doesn't achieve - he might find his own job on the line.

To go ahead with it(his target) he is bringing out old accounting records to mark instances of Bills fudging. Regrettable. What was the accounting department doing when the Bills got fudged initially.These instances would add some more negative fuel to the doomsday talk.

These are all avoidable instances.Have the profits seen such a sudden drop that the salaries of 20 people would make a difference to the bottomline.Arguments can go back and forth on this.

You might have a different take on this but it is a fad now. Slowly the board room discussions will hover around haw many you cut.The guy who can show more numbers would have achieved a higher ego massage.