Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bamboo Tree

Some Background:

I live in the ground floor of an Apartment complex.I own a small plot of land which came along-with the flat.Its all off 300 sqft land on which I have let grow some trees.Silver Oaks and Bamboo to be precise.

These trees have taken 4 years growing and after some efforts have reached a height of around 20 ft.

Now some of my friends in the apartment don't seem to like these and have asked me to cut them, saying , I am not within my rights growing trees in my garden.Others suggest pruning the Trees after a certain height.Other reasons for cutting being that Bamboo aggravates the Asthma of My first floor friend's daughter. Hence - cut them.
So, various other arguments are being thrown around while I stick to my Guns.

I love trees and it pains when I see trees being cut all over the place out here in Bangalore. No one seems to understand that thanks to the trees there is so much more fresh air & For a change you can actually hear birds chirping.

But, since my home maker seems to be facing the brunt of it - the peace at home is getting affected.

Any suggestions?