Friday, November 28, 2008

Its over

Finally it seems over. 3 terrorists killed at the Taj. There might be one or two more biding the time to go with a biG Bang. 

Still, I feel grateful and said a silent prayer of Thanks. 

It seems all so simple. If you have ammunition you can do anything. The other things just fall in place. here the ammo is of two types - the ammo that was used to kill people and the other ammo is in the minds of the terrorists - drilled into their minds to go for such anti social objectives.

Well, one thing it does look like its no more just terror this was plain war.Kill Kill Kill. No hostages. No, hiding bombs and escaping. This was a team that came to wage war. And first round is theirs.

We were unprepared - this scale of attacks has never happened in any other city in India. The battle fields have just shifted.