Friday, November 14, 2008

Passionately cliched

So what is this passion all about?

I some time wonder if this passion thingy is not being over bandied to totally loose its meaning after sometime.

Every jobsite worth its mandate advices the greenhorns to take up a job they are passionate about.

Questions are thrown to celebrities about their driving passions.CEO's talk about being absolutely passionate about their work,their companies ....

If you don't have passion you are not likely to achieve success in life - some say.

People are passionate about their roles , their jobs , their callings and what not.

Are we over doing things a bit here. What does passion mean? The gives the meaning as - any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling as love or hate.

Come to think about it - does a day today job require such a compelling or powerful emotion? Okay you enjoy your job , you like the steps involved the processes , your colleagues , maybe even your boss , you might feel fulfilled as you do your work but being passionate about your job - is'nt it a kind of overkill.

Or perhaps its a case of word usage having moved beyond its original meanings.

Here are Rod Stewarts views on Passion: