Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogging poor

Read an interesting article from Copy blogger about the Blogging poor.
Blogging helps one to release ones creative juices which otherwise donot find a platform in the respective jobs. But, blogging as a source of income is not allways the case. There are bloggers out there making money. And there are a lot more who aren't.

Writing and writing quality stuff appealing to the audience - enough to hold their attention over other competing and compelling stuff - requires a knack.which some have in abundance , some are able to develop it and some just dont get it.

I might fall somewhere in between the last to categories. Even though my intention is to Blog everyday - I just am not able to write anything on certain days. It doesnt come naturally to me. Once I get in the mode I like to go on for half an hour or so. But, to get into that mode takes time.Call it the writers block or call it whatever.

Nowadays I have restarted the cold calling process to offset some of the effects of the slowdown. That is another process which I cringe from. Sometimes I cold call and ramble ( sputter through) just so that the guy at the other end doesn't interrupt and say that he is not interested. In cold calling I have found that the females are more likely to say a no than a guy. I guess they have perfected they art of rebutting advances. Not that my cold calls have anything to do with the said topic.

Back to Blogging - So there we are for today.