Friday, November 28, 2008


A particularly damp and dull day in Bangalore - weatherwise. The effects of Nisha have amplified the winter.Even with a sweater on I can feel a cold coming on.

Everywhere one turns to one gets to read about Mumbai.It just keeps pouring in.How much longer will it go. The sequence of events have laid a siege on our senses. I cant seem to focus on the work without having to chk out on twitter about any new developments.It is close to 2 days now since the events started. This is very much like a war. The only difference being that this time it is right in our backyards.

We are in the midst of a movie going in slow motion. Its as if ever since this thing unfolded - I can recollect in crystal clarity what all the things I have done over the past 48 hours. Every moment has been captured. There are some moments in our life which get embedded in our collective consciousness and stay with us even after 20-30 years.The death of Indira Gandhi, Anti Sikh riots of '84, the WTC bombing & now perhaps the Taj Shootout. 

Today the markets reopened and there doesnt seem to be any drop in the prices infact they seem to have risen.